Rent reviews

These are often seen as a “necessary evil” for many with property interests, either as owners or occupiers. From an owner’s perspective, rent reviews are a mechanism to catch up with the market after a period in which the rent has been fixed by the lease. From the occupier’s perspective, any opportunity for a landlord to increase the occupier’s fixed cost base is always unwelcome. Rent reviews can be very technical and involve measurement, consideration of positive/negative property attributes which may affect value, compilation and analysis of market evidence and requires a detailed understanding of the lease, in addition to having an appreciation of the wider economic drivers. Depending on the position within the market cycle, rent reviews have the capacity to substantially increase asset value after agreement of a higher rent, or significantly increase the level of fixed cost for which an occupying business may be liable.

Where it is not possible to agree the rent amicably between landlord and tenant, a third party Expert or Arbitrator is called upon to “determine” the level of rent due under the terms of the lease. We are highly experienced at drafting compelling arguments in submissions and rebutting the arguments from the other side in counter submissions, both of which are lodged with the third party. In addition to making representations to a third party, MAPC are often called upon by the RICS to act as the third party, giving valuable insight into all three roles in the process.

Whichever side of the fence you occupy, it is important to ensure rent reviews are properly contested to either make or save money and you hire the best possible advisors to act on your behalf.

Why choose MAPC for your rent reviews?

MAPC have been conducting rent reviews of office and industrial/warehouse properties throughout the UK for 30 years, acting predominantly for tenants/occupiers, seeking to reduce landlord rental aspirations and drive the best value for our clients, whether that is achieved through an amicable negotiation, or advocating cases in front of Independent Experts or Arbitrators.

Our experience, research and contact base allow us to source and analyse the evidence upon which your rental valuation will be supported, supplemented with forensic interpretation of often complex lease terms, detailed property inspection and measurement, consideration of market forces all combine to ensure our clients are strongly represented and secure the best possible outcomes at rent review.

Our case studies and client testimonials highlight our experience and client satisfaction.

Mark Allan Property Consultants are here to help you navigate the complexities of rent reviews. We follow an established and proven process to ensure the best possible results every time, all in line with RICS guidance and rules.


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