Leasehold Advisory Services (LAS)

The opportunity to use LAS occurs when the lease has a break option or is due to expire. This provides the parties with an opportunity to revisit all the previously agreed lease terms and costs.

Under the terms of the lease, the occupier will have the opportunity to walk away from the property in order to achieve better commercial and financial terms. The occupier will have the opportunity to test the market for a better deal, whereas the landlord has the hold over the tenant when it comes to exit costs and the prospect of the tenant having to fit out a new space. Careful consideration of the market options, pricing, covenant strength, preferred lease terms, assessment of the negotiating position of both parties and proper financial analysis of all aspects of a proposed deal are vital to securing the best possible financial outcome.

Detailed consideration of the lease terms is critical to ensure there are no unwelcome surprises at rent review, break options, throughout the lease or at expiry.

The potential to substantially improve the commercial terms and/or financial position of either party at lease regear is considerable. Good quality advice is needed to ensure all the angles are fully considered, financial aspects fully tested, the business need clearly identified and the property tested to ensure it meets the business need in both the medium and long term.

Assistance with lease renewals

The end of a lease term does not necessarily mean the end of your tenancy. With a plan around your lease renewals, you can continue to operate from your current premises without undue disruption. It may not always be possible to renew your lease, in which case having enough time to use our lease acquisition services would be advantageous.

To renew your leases effectively, follow these steps:

  • Assess your business needs and future plans.
  • Review your current lease terms.
  • Investigate current market trends and transactional evidence
  • Negotiate terms with the landlord.
  • Finalise the lease renewal.
  • Document the renewed lease agreement.

Understanding Tenancy Break Clauses

A break clause offers an opportunity to terminate the lease before its official end date, provided certain conditions are met. It acts as a safety net, offering flexibility in uncertain times. It is important to check whether the break is in the tenant’s favour only, or mutual.

The break clause offers an opportunity to exit a lease on a specific date in the event of business distress, or if the business has expanded or contracted to such a level that the existing property is no longer fit for purpose. It also provides an opportunity to re-gear the lease if the intention is to remain in the building, by negotiating the removal of the break in return for improved lease terms.

Given the highly litigious nature of break clauses, we would always recommend your lawyer serve the notice to ensure it is validly served, but only once you have taken advice from us.

Why Choose Our Leasehold Advisory Service?

Understanding the complexities of leases, property fundamentals and the vagaries of local and national property markets, combined with effective negotiation of key commercial and financial terms within the lease is best handled by a Chartered Surveyor/Property Consultant who engage in such negotiations every day. With three decades of experience, MAPC can guide you through the complexities of lease negotiations.


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