Lease acquisitions

Lease acquisitions, in essence, are the processes by which businesses obtain rights to use assets belonging to others without the need to purchase them outright. These assets can be real estate, equipment, or mineral rights. We specialize in commercial property, with a particular focus on the office and industrial/warehouse sectors.

In today's volatile business environment, the ability to identify the right property, in the right location and agree a lease on the best commercial and financial terms can underpin the success of your business over the lease period.

If you are considering finding a new property to accommodate expansion or contraction in your business, please feel free to contact us to discuss the best way forward.

Making sure you get lease acquisition right

There are some fundamental considerations when acquiring a new property, which you are going to hold on a lease, such as:

  • What do you need?: Property is business equipment, just like any other equipment you use in your business whether that is a crane, a laptop, a microchip or anything else. It is often large, can be expensive and is illiquid, so you need to get it right, as mistakes can be expensive to rectify. This means consideration of customer and staff accessibility to drive/take public transport to the location, consideration of use and functionality to drive size and specification and consideration of business longevity to determine lease length. All these combined help ensure the property you select will satisfy your business drivers and objectives, as well as defining what you are trying to identify. Finally, you need to consider your budget to ensure your perfect property is affordable.
  • Market Search: In order to identity your perfect property, based on your business need, you need to search the market, identify buildings to view, consider which building(s) meet your needs and know how to shortlist options so you can work with a manageable list of options.
  • Seeking Proposals from Landlords: Once you have identified a short list of options, you need to know the terms upon which the landlord is willing to agree a lease, so getting a proposal from each of your shortlisted options for consideration and comparison is important. The proposal will come in the form of “heads of terms”, which, once agreed, will form the basis of the terms upon which the lease will be drafted. The heads of terms for your shortlisted options should be negotiated with each landlord, resulting in final terms from which you can clearly see the annual costs and commercial terms for the full duration of the lease. There should then be a sense check to ensure the options identified suit all the needs of the business, before making a final decision to agree terms.
  • Diligence: Before agreeing a new lease, consideration needs to be given to the liabilities to which you will be bound throughout the lease duration. As such, you may require a specialist survey such as fabric, mechanical/electrical or structural advice, which can help mitigate or cap your lease liabilities. MAPC will advise on the need for any specialist advice to ensure your interests are fully protected and issues identified.
  • Lease Documentation: once heads of terms are agreed, these are passed to the respective lawyers to ensure the documentation is in place for the lease agreement. In addition to the lease, you will need to consider fitting out, for which statutory and landlord’s consent will be required. We would always advise obtaining landlord’s consent to fit out before agreement of the lease. In addition to fitting out, consideration of connectivity and fibre availability is an issue which requires careful consideration and planning.

Experts in Lease Acquisitions

Mark Allan Property Consultants (MAPC) have been providing well considered, strategic, pragmatic and relevant property advice since our establishment in 2014.

Prior to 2014, Mark Allan held Partner/Director level positions for 15 years in some of the biggest property consultancy/Chartered Surveying businesses in the world, acting for some of the largest global companies, resolving complex real estate issues, leading teams providing similar services to those offered by MAPC and again concentrating on office and industrial leased properties across the UK.

But don't just take our word for it. Our clients' testimonials add some colour to our service offering and confirm our dedication, expertise, and results-driven approach.

Why use MAPC to acquire your lease?

When it comes to securing the best lease terms on your perfect property to support your business success, it is essential to work with a trusted and experienced property consultant/Chartered Surveyor.

The advantages of partnering with Mark Allan Property Consultants include:

  • Conflict free: We do not work with landlords, so we never have conflicts of interest
  • Experience: We have been acquiring leases for office and industrial tenants in numerous locations, dealing with various properties for decades. So, there is not much we have not seen before nor issues we have been unable to resolve.
  • Tailored solutions: Every business is unique. We provide solutions tailored to your specific needs, reporting and advising in the way that suits you best, allowing you to focus on your day job, rather than real estate


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