Property Consultancy

In the world of MAPC, any commercial property requirement, question, concern, or anything else to do with real estate that is not answered through our other main services, falls within our property consultancy service. From experience, we have found this often leads us to act in a similar capacity to an in-house property director, where we are involved in dealing with all manner of issues.

A common requirement is for strategic portfolio advice where we are asked to review the business operation, consider the leased property portfolio and the way in which that allows, or perhaps inhibits, the company to deliver on its drivers, as set out in the business plan. This typically involves a review of the location in which each property is situated, overview of condition and functionality of the property, the rent and lease terms in order to assess the ability of each property to deliver what is demanded by the business. This may lead to acquisition/disposal of property, regearing of leases, or undertaking a rent review.

In addition, database creation and identification of lease event dates can assist with the overall management of the portfolio to ensure there is a pro-active rather than reactive approach taken to real estate.

Finally, when undertaking corporate acquisitions, understanding the properties to be acquired by the business is important and allows identification of key lease terms, or property defects, likelihood of increased cost exposure and properties which should be excluded from the acquisition process, with relevant safeguards put in place.

The fundamental requirement to ensure effective strategic advice can be given is a mandate from the Board/Exec team to allow our activity and advice to be commissioned.

Business generally is accepting of creating a business plan to define the strategic objectives. However, in order to deliver those strategic objectives, real estate opportunities and liabilities need to be identified and either capitalized upon or mitigated. This may lead to the requirement for a property strategy to be considered, written, implemented and then managed.

Through bespoke advice on how to strategically position your property portfolio, we can help ensure your property is well placed to react to events that arise within the business. Advice can also be given on specific events, such as whether relocation is a better option than renewing a lease, or perhaps purchasing rather than leasing.

If you have multiple properties and you feel you may need some advice on the way in which you manage those properties for the greater good of your business, please get in touch.

Why Use Our Property Consultancy Services?

We have and continue to advise large scale businesses to provide strategic oversight and advice across their full real estate portfolio. This ensures the property holdings are better positioned to support the business deliver on its business plan objectives. We are one of a relatively small number of practices which offer such advice, beyond the global property consultancy businesses.

Our niche position allows us to give a detailed, considered, consistent opinion on your portfolio, with our other service lines able to implement our strategic advice at a macro or micro level.