Welcome to Mark Allan Property Consultants: A Professional UK Property Consultancy Firm

Mark Allan Property Consultants ( MAPC ) offer specialist commercial property consultancy services throughout the UK, and sometimes beyond.

Our market knowledge, strategic insights, negotiation skills and three decades of experience save you time, money, and stress whilst ensuring you receive the best possible results for commercial property lease acquisitions, re-gears and rent reviews.

We will always:

  • Act openly, honestly, and in your best interests.
  • Drive the best possible results that align with your business needs and drivers.
  • Provide relevant, personal, director-level service.

We offer advice on office and industrial lease acquisitions, rent reviews, lease regearing, dispute resolution and general property consultancy throughout the UK and sometimes beyond.

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Expert UK Property Consultants: London, Edinburgh, Glasgow & More!

From our base in Edinburgh, we act throughout the UK, assisting occupiers/tenants with a range of specialist property consultancy services involving leases over office and industrial/warehouse properties.

As your trusted commercial property advisor, we shall guide you through every step of your property journey. Our services include:

  • Property acquisitions: Leveraging our extensive network, market knowledge and experience to find the perfect property for your business.
  • Rent reviews: Forensic examination of your lease terms, analysis of market evidence and trends and pragmatic negotiation to ensure you secure the best possible outcome from rent review.
  • Rent review dispute resolution: If we are unable to amicably agree your rent review, we will usually act as a Surveyor-Advocate to provide complex, technical written submissions and counter submissions to Independent Experts/Arbitrators who are appointed to resolve the dispute
  • Lease re-gearing/renewal, and surrender: Business drivers change over time and impact on your property, so you may need to reconsider your lease terms, if you wish to stay in the same building. We negotiate the best possible financial and commercial lease terms to ensure your property meets the business need by considering lease expiries and break options. When sub-letting or assigning your lease is not an option, we can negotiate with your landlord to agree acceptable terms for a lease surrender
  • General property consultancy advice: Offering strategic, incisive and intelligent advice to ensure your property leases are aligned with your business drivers either on single properties, or large portfolios.

Why Choose Mark Allan Property Consultants?

With a foundation built on the significant experience and expertise of our founder, Mark Allan, a seasoned Chartered Surveyor and property consultant with over 25 years in the commercial property sector, we offer significant value when navigating the intricacies of the commercial property market, focusing specifically on office and industrial/warehouses.

However, our reputation is not only based on our experience and results but also on our philosophy.

We believe in:

  • Transparency: Acting openly and honestly, always prioritising the best interests of our clients.
  • Excellence: Driving the best possible results, ensuring every client feels valued and heard.
  • Bespoke: Having held Partner/Director level positions for 15 years in two of the largest global property consultancy/Chartered Surveying businesses, we provide a premium, Director level service, ensuring that every client interaction is relevant and personally tailored to your needs.
  • Conflict free: because we only act for tenants/occupiers, we do not experience conflicts of interest which may occur if we also acted for landlords.


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