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Property Consultancy

Property Consultancy Case Study

MAPC act for several businesses who occupy multiple office and industrial property across the UK and beyond. It is often daunting for the occupier to have so many buildings, several of which will require action at any one time to ensure obligations are satisfied and they remain fit for purpose, especially when operational matters regularly take precedence. It would almost be easier to hire someone to look after all the properties, but that then creates HR issues, NI, tax and reward issues, in addition to another staff member on the payroll, who is not related to the core business activity. Unless the portfolio is of a significant scale, the hired resource is likely to be under utilised and prone to demotivation.

MAPC try to bring some order to what may seem like chaos, in much the same way as an in house property director, but without the HR, reward and other administrative concerns.

A database can be created to ensure there is visibility for obligations and payments, transactional matters such as rent reviews, lease re-gears, new leases, dilapidation claims etc. can all be resolved with Board reports produced monthly, quarterly or annually as may be required.

In addition, strategic advice concerning the composition of the property portfolio can be provided, to ensure the portfolio supports the core business drivers and allows these to be delivered from a property portfolio that is fit for business purpose.

The advantages to property consultancy can include management time being saved, transactional activities planned and executed in an orderly fashion, properties properly supporting the business, being held on leases which match the business drivers, rather than conflict with them. Efficiency and cost savings are generated from such an approach.

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